Our Recruiting Process

LCM Associates tailors each search to the specific needs of our clients, but the overall process we use remains the same. Our proven process ensures that:

  • we gain a clear understanding of your business and internal culture.
  • we are in a position to attract the finest talent.
  • prospective candidates understand why your position is a unique opportunity for them.
  • the client is clear on what the candidate brings to the position and the company.

We invite you to view the steps below for recognized elements in a successful executive recruitment search.

  1. Needs Assessment Knowledge of the marketplace....(more)
  2. Client Input Developing a thorough and detailed position description....(more)
  3. Research Because we combine a deep understanding of the industry....(more)
  4. Identification Based on your needs....(more)
  5. Evaluation - We are interested in long-term compatibility....(more)
  6. Understanding the Candidate - LCM works closely with....(more)
  7. Presentation Upon completion of our identification and evaluation process....(more)
  8. Communication Effective and prompt communication....(more)
  9. Reference Checks We have a highly detailed process for checking references....(more)
  10. Negotiation We communicate effectively throughout the process....(more)
  11. Follow-Up After an acceptance, our job is not done....(more)

Search Methods Available

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