LCM Associates of Atlanta is more than just an agency to fill holes in your staff; our recruiting strategy begins with gaining firsthand knowledge of your management philosophy, strategic direction, company history and infrastructure.  And, we are just as painstaking in understanding our candidates.   Our approach enables us to tell your unique story and attract the best candidates; not just the most available.

We offer more hiring alternatives than most recruiting firms, with options corresponding to your level of urgency.  For the most pressing needs, we recommend a full Retained Search which enables us to devote most of our time and energy exclusively to your assignment.

If the employment situation is less critical, we have Exclusive Contingency and Straight Contingency options available.  By deferring the control of search assignment priority to the assigned recruiter, up front cost to you is eliminated, plus the service fee is payable only after the successful candidate is hired.

It is our Modified Contingency (or Mini Retainer) search that is often the most preferred.   By making a small investment through an engagement fee, you can be assured of a concentrated search effort with minimal risk for your company.  Our recruiter will designate a sizeable portion of time to your assignment, and the remaining balance of the fee is payable only when the position is filled.

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