“I have had the pleasure of knowing Terri Michalewicz for about 20 years.  I am honored to have the opportunity to share with you some of what I have learned about her and her capabilities over that time.  In summary, if you don’t already know Terri, invest the time to get to know her.  You will be glad that you did.

She will earn your confidence with her professional, committed and thoughtful approach to actuarial recruiting.  She will also earn your trust with her astute and insightful assessment of talent.  Finally, you will almost certainly gain a new and enduring friend, who will inspire and console you as needed with her wit, humor, compassion and sincerity.

In working with Terri, I have found that she skillfully adapts her approach to fit each situation, while also carefully maintaining her core philosophies.  She is open, creative and persistent in her efforts to match the right person to the right job.  She will delicately improve your thinking, while diligently supporting your needs.

She also understands and accepts the limitations of her small firm.  She is careful not to over promise, and will deliver her recruiting services as advertised.  She has formed deep and lasting relationships that enable her to possess an unusually strong, albeit select, network of contacts.

Her style is charming and genuine.  She balances a unique mix of ambition and humility that is particularly refreshing in her field.  She is, quite simply said, an instantly likeable and permanently faithful individual.”

Ken McCullum


Thank you for the outstanding work in my job search.  I really valued your direct approach and the extra time you devoted to learning about my job experience, strengths, and the type of jobs I was looking for.  Instead of just sending me any and all job openings in the area, you took my preferences and skill sets into account while assessing which opportunities were a good fit for me.  Thanks to your personalized approach, I found a position that I enjoy at a well-respected company.

I am very grateful for all of your help - thanks again!”

Suzanna-Grace Sayre, ASA
IRM Latin America

“Finding the right actuarial search firm is not an easy task.  I’ve been in the insurance business for 24 years and I’ve talked to scores of search firms.  I’ve worked directly with a half a dozen or so.  Without a doubt Terri Michalewicz, the principal of LCM Associates, stands out above all the search firms with which I have worked.

My experience with Terri has been both as an actuary being recruited for an actuarial position as well as an employer looking to fill open positions.  Terri does not take the short term view in any of her searches.  She recognizes that the key to success and longevity in this business (note she is a 2nd generation recruiter) is finding the right match for both the actuary being recruited and the employer/company looking to make a hire.  Unlike other recruiters who parade a plethora of resumes in front of the hiring company, Terri spends time with both the hiring company and all potential candidates getting to know them.  Due to her extensive contacts in the industry, she provides both the hiring company and potential candidates insights about one another that few recruiting firms can offer.  Terri will only present candidates when she knows there is a fit between the candidate and employer.  

Terri further exemplifies the best of her industry after the interview process has occurred.  Her follow-up to both parties is helpful.  Contemplating a job change is a stressful time for the candidate.  Terri thoughtfully explores all the angles for the candidate.  At no time is she pushy.  She recognizes that these decisions are difficult even under the best of circumstances.  She also assists the prospective employer by playing the role of a go-between and following up on any questions which either the candidate or employer may have.

Finally, Terri’s professionalism is beyond reproach.  I offer up this example:  Terri placed me in a new job that was a perfect fit.  Many years later, knowing that my circumstances changed (including the retirement of the person who had hired me) and that I might be open to exploring new opportunities, she would not approach me because she had placed me with this employer more than 10 years earlier.  While I would have loved to have worked with Terri at that particular point in my career, I gained a deeper respect for her because she wouldn’t relax her high ethical standards. 

Terri and I are good friends and I can assure you that she is the first person I call when I have job openings.  She has never sent me a bad candidate and all my hires through Terri have worked out well for all parties concerned.  I highly recommend you give her a call if you ever have any search firm needs.  It’s a call you won’t regret.”

Joseph (Joey) Nichols, FSA, MAAA
Chief Actuary
Transamerica Worksite Marketing

“I have known Terri Michalewicz for many years.  Her and her colleagues at LCM Associates are thoughtful, thorough and extraordinarily professional.  Terri gets to know her clients extremely well, including their strategies, culture and future initiatives and works hard to get to know her client company at many levels.  She develops very strong and long lasting relationships with those that she recruits, even following up with them for years after placing them.  What really sets Terri apart is her strong network of candidates and the relationship she cultivates for many years before even attempting to place them with a client.  LCM is not a “phone list” recruiting firm, but specializes in bringing industry leading candidates to the right role at their client companies.”

Michael DeKoning, FSA, MAAA, FCIA
President & Chief Executive Officer

“I've known Terri for over a decade. She is a professional without peer in the field of executive and actuarial recruiting. She is meticulous about the details necessary to set the right expectations for employers and candidates - elements that are critical for a successful match and long term, effective working relationships. With Terri, you can be assured of the highest degree of quality, professionalism and commitment to excellence. I would recommend her without reservation to any employer or candidate looking respectively for the best returns on their human capital and career investments.” 

Garth Bernard
President & CEO
Sharper Financial Group LLC