When you are looking for your next career move, no doubt you are looking for an opportunity ó not a job.

At LCM Associates, we have the skill, and take the necessary time, to understand not just your background, skills and experience, but also the intangibles that define you . . .
  • ††† What motivates you?
  • ††† What gets you excited about getting up in the morning?
  • ††† What are your most important professional, personal and family considerations?
  • ††† What are you really good at; where do you add the most value?

Our candidates tell us what they value most is our ability to identify and understand all the important pieces of their personal puzzle.† The resume you provide is only a start.

We are certain we can add immediate and significant value to your career search and may well be the firm to present your next exciting opportunity; we wonít waste time presenting jobs that donít fit. We will, however, provide the tools and assistance you need for all facets of your job search.

Our services include a Free Career Site that offers assistance with:

  • †† resume preparation
  • †† interview and networking tips
  • †† weekly webinars on relevant topics
If you are actively seeking a job change, or, if your wish is to be kept abreast of actuarial opportunities that meet your personal criteria, we invite you to complete our Registration Form.† We respect the need for confidentiality and never release your resume or personal information without your prior knowledge and approval.

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