Our Recruiting Process

1.  Needs Assessment – Knowledge of the marketplace allows us to identify both the opportunities and challenges of your search.  We will work with you to develop search specifications to attract the very best candidates.

2.  Client Input – Developing a thorough and detailed position description is crucial.  In order to identify and attract the best candidates, the client should provide a precise account of the position and its requirements.  We build on that description and gain the detailed understanding that allows us to take an “opportunity” to the marketplace rather than a “job”.

3.  Research – Because we combine a deep understanding of the industry with a detailed analysis of your requirements, competitors and the marketplace, LCM Associates is able to develop a winning strategy.  Using the position description as a guide, we create a Prospect List from multiple sources (e.g., known competitors, industry contacts, direct networking, published and internet resources, and our proprietary database). This wide variety of contacts ensures that the candidates come from the broadest possible pool of qualified individuals.

4.  Identification – Based on your needs, our research, and our deep industry contacts, LCM Associates will identify the best potential candidates for the search.  Quality experience and technical ability are important attributes of a great hire, but there is more to understand.  We dig deep and explore other facets in great detail to help ensure an overall fit.

5.  Evaluation - We are interested in long-term compatibility and realize that the candidate “fit” is not determined solely by what is on a resume.  Our detailed interview process allows LCM Associates to evaluate the tangible and intangible qualities of a prospective candidate.  We make assessments about general skills and abilities as well as about the cultural fit between company and candidate. We review client requirements and culture with the candidates, making sure they understand the organization, its needs, expectations, goals and opportunities.

6.  Understanding the Candidate - LCM Associates works closely with both client and candidate to make sure the “fit” exists on many different levels.  We make sure we understand more than an individual’s work experience, qualifications and goals. We determine what motivates and interests our candidates professionally and personally.  Family considerations are identified.  We then present opportunities we believe meet the overall objectives.

7.  Presentation – Upon completion of our identification and evaluation process, we submit a summary of each candidate for your review, along with a resume.  Only qualified candidates are presented to the client.

8.  Communication – Effective and prompt communication with the client and candidates during all phases of the recruiting process is crucial.  LCM Associates will provide prompt and candid feedback after interviews, provide scheduled updates on search progress, and work to ensure that all details are covered. 

9.  Reference Checks – We have a highly detailed process for checking references provided by the candidate.  Our inquiries relate to general character, work ethic, qualifications, skills and fit with the job requirements of our client. Through our preparation and attention to detail, we are able to help assure that your hire is the best available.

10.  Negotiation – We communicate effectively throughout the process with both our client and candidate(s), managing expectations and avoiding surprises.  By the time the decision is made to make an offer, our methodology assures an impressive acceptance rate.

11.  Follow-Up – After an acceptance, our job is not done.  At established intervals, we follow up with both client and candidate for feedback to help ensure a smooth transition and integration into your organization.

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